New Law Passed to Fight Obesity in American Schools

Posted by admin at December 20, 2010

Category: Diet

The fight against obesity in the United States has resulted in the Obama administration signing a new law legislation. The new reform will be used to combat the growing problem of child hunger and obesity in the country.

The signatory will help in regulating the sale of junk food items at schools in America and will be known as the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. President Barack Obama penned his signature on the initiative on the 13th of December.

Under the new amendments, the law will increase funding for nutrition programs being carried out across American schools by a jaw-dropping $4.5-billion for the next one-decade. The extraordinary amount is 10-times the amount that was being previously paid to fund nutritional programs in American schools.

It also needs to be pointed out that the new legislation will be the largest amount that has been approved for investment in nutrition programs.

Talking about the new efforts to curb childhood obesity and to encourage a healthy diet, President Obama said that the whole law was basically meant to do good for children. He added that it has been found on several occasions that children were not being provided nutritious food at schools and sometimes were not even being offered school meals and that is why the new decision was taken.

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